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Conizza, Pizza in cone.
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Data :24 marzo 2009
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"Conizza" offers a range of fresh high quality pizzas in a cone. The product is innovative, easy to carry around, and can be enjoyed fresh and hot. It is ideal for food courts and take-away kiosks. A great value meal that is served quickly for the people on the move.The Conizzas are produced at a central kitchen using a combination of state of the art equipment and the personal attention of our expert staff. Each Conizza is topped by hand using only the finest quality ingredients. The entire process follows a stringent quality management system to assure each Conizza is served to the highest quality standards for customers to enjoy. For more information visit official website www.conizza.com [Altro] [Meno]
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"Conizza" offers a range of fresh high quality pizzas in a cone. The product is innovative...
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